David Unwin is doing his PhD
on hydrogen generation.
Working with Katherine Holt
and Graeme Hogarth at
University College London,
he is researching the
electrochemistry of
hydrogenase biomimetics.
He is also the founder of
Standard Code, a software that
models and optimises
domestic energy efficiency.




Hydrogenase Biomimetics

Hydrogenase enzymes catalyse the reversible reduction of protons to form hydrogen at high efficiency. However the enzyme is unstable outside the organism. We are trying to mimic the active site of the enzyme to produce stable catalysts for hydrogen generation.

Standard Code

Governments across the globe have set demanding targets for carbon reduction. Improving energy efficiency is the most cost effective way of cutting carbon emissions and will be vital in meeting these carbon reduction targets. Standard Code is developing a software system for assessing domestic energy use and recommending and delivering optimal solutions for energy reduction.